• Vending machines & Dispensors

    Vending machines & Dispensors

    ZHENGK Gear motors are widely used in Vending machines & DispensorsSuch as ZGA37RG, ZWL-47FP, ZWL-31ZY

  • Livestock Automatic Feeding System

    Livestock Automatic Feeding System

    Both AC Synchronous Motor and DC Gear Motor can be used in livestock feeding system, suitable models are 60KTYZ and ZGB42FE.ZHENGK has been servicing many customers in this industry.

  • Auto Towel & Tissue Dispenser

    Auto Towel & Tissue Dispenser

    A paper towel dispenser composed of a motor control circuit, a transmission system, a bearing, a paper pickup system, a paper towel compartment, etc., which is characterized in that there are gears an

  • Smart DoorLocks

    Smart DoorLocks

    The main principle is to electronically control the machinery, and then control the unlocking.Intelligent unlocking channel-fingerprint, password, APP, WeChat unlocking, mainly through electronic comm

  • Dishwasher Dispensers

    Dishwasher Dispensers

    ZHENGK Motor Model such as ZGB60FM, ZGB64FH are used in Industrial Dishwasher Dispensers


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