• Vending machines & Dispensors

    Vending machines & Dispensors

    ZHENGK Gear motors are widely used in Vending machines & DispensorsSuch as ZGA37RG, ZWL-47FP, ZWL-31ZY

  • Auto Towel & Tissue Dispenser

    Auto Towel & Tissue Dispenser

    A paper towel dispenser composed of a motor control circuit, a transmission system, a bearing, a paper pickup system, a paper towel compartment, etc., which is characterized in that there are gears an

  • Smart DoorLocks

    Smart DoorLocks

    The main principle is to electronically control the machinery, and then control the unlocking.Intelligent unlocking channel-fingerprint, password, APP, WeChat unlocking, mainly through electronic comm

  • Dishwasher Dispensers

    Dishwasher Dispensers

    ZHENGK Motor Model such as ZGB60FM, ZGB64FH are used in Industrial Dishwasher Dispensers


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