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Gearbox re-design notification-ZWL-FP(JSXXXX-370)

2017-02-14 23:36:39 admin 80

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

Previous Version, production stopped in the end of 2016.

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

Updated Version

ZHENGK had re-designed the gearbox for ZWL-FP(also as known as JSXXXX-370 series),in past year.

Because the previous moulds were torn out, and ZHENGK took this opportunity to update the design, 

The new gearbox performs a better noise level, and seems more impact than before.

Beside remaining same amounting holes, all gear reduction ratios are remained nearly same as before, more important, evern with 1/189 ratio, ZHENGK use it with all metal gears inside.

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