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Enterprise News

  • ZHENGKE-CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    These CNC Gear Hobbing machines are mostly used to make the motor hobbed shafts, specially for ZYTD-38S, ZYTD-45S, and ZYTD-50S, ZYTD-60S....

    2018/05/04 admin 8

  • 6-Units wiring machine placed for rotor of dc brushed motor

    ZHENGK has placed 4 sets of 6-Units wiring machine for a trial production, it will rise 50% efficiency to those previous 4-Units wiring machines....

    2018/04/03 admin 8

  • ZHENGK adding another IPQC on Motor Rotor

    As beginning of 2018, ZHENGKE this year adds another IPQC on Motor Rotor (Here it specifies rotors of micro PDMC Motor)....

    2018/03/02 admin 9

  • Reform of Assembling line of Gearbox

    To be a leading manufacturer of Micro Gearbox motor, ZHENGK never and ever stop her actions, In the past 2016, ZHENGK reformed her assembling line from "I" to "U" mode regarding Gearbox assembling....

    2017/03/06 admin 23

  • Gearbox re-design notification-ZWL-FP(JSXXXX-370)

    ZHENGK had re-designed the gearbox for ZWL-FP(also as known as JSXXXX-370 series),in past year. Because the previous moulds were torn out, and ZHENGK took this opportunity to update the design, The new gearbox performs a better noise level, and seems more impact than before....

    2017/02/14 admin 61

  • ZHENG Catalog 2017-2018 Final Edition

    ZHENG Catalog 2017-2018 Final Edition released, with BLDC gearmotor and several new design of micro dc gear motor.You can take a view or download it at link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9jE4iJwGZ...

    2017/01/04 admin 424

  • New Noise Testing Chamber arrived in ZHENGK Lab


    2016/03/10 admin 40

  • ZHENGK 2016-2017 Catalog V.01 released


    2015/11/09 admin 277