Why does the motor heat up?

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The direct cause of motor heat is caused by excessive current (and of course other factors such as long-term operation or the environment). Once the temperature rises, the motor radiates heat to its surroundings. The higher the temperature, the faster the heat is dissipated. When the heat emitted by the motor is equal to the heat emitted, the temperature around the micro-motor does not rise but remains at a stable and constant temperature, i.e., in a state of balance between heat generation and heat dissipation.

Motor temperature is too high for some reasons and how to deal with it.

  1. Motor voltage is too high (more than 10% above the rated voltage) or instantaneous voltage is too low (more than 5% below the rated voltage), the micro-motor will heat up under the rated load.

Treatment: check and adjust the voltage can be.

  2. The motor three-phase power supply voltage imbalance will also lead to motor heating (an imbalance of more than 5% will lead to a three-phase current imbalance).

Treatment: check and adjust the voltage.

  3. The power switch contact or a phase of the fuse broken will cause the lack of phase operation, will also cause the motor temperature;

Treatment: can be solved by repairing and replacing the damaged parts;

  4. The motor winding wiring error, will make the motor in the rated load operation when the heat;

Treatment: correct the winding wiring error;

  5. The motor's bearings are badly worn, which will produce a lot of friction heat. This condition indicates that the life of the motor has reached its limit;

Treatment: replace the motor;

  6. Motor load is too large will also heat;

Treatment: the need to reduce the load;

  7. Motor start too often, the ambient temperature is too high will also lead to motor overheating.

Treatment: reduce the number of starts, a good thermal environment can effectively solve similar overheating problems;

In the application process of the motor, as long as the motor does not exceed the rated value, does not start frequently, and has a good heat dissipation system, the motor basically will not have any problems.

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