Auto Towel & Tissue Dispenser

2021-07-21 12:04:21 admin

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

A paper towel dispenser composed of a motor control circuit, a transmission system, a bearing, a paper pickup system, a paper towel compartment, etc., which is characterized in that there are gears and a rack meshed with the gears on both sides of the paper towel compartment, and the rack and the paper towel holder Connected, sealed packaged paper towels are placed on the paper towel holder.

There is a paper pickup system above the paper towel compartment. The paper pickup system consists of a paper pickup wheel, a stepping motor and a control circuit. The paper pickup wheel and the stepping motor are connected by a paper pickup bracket. , The paper pickup wheel of the paper pickup system is pressed on the paper towel; the paper towel compartment is installed in the paper towel compartment shell and fixed on the paper towel storage compartment chassis.

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