What are the key technologies of DC motors?

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What are the key technologies of DC motors?

High-efficiency energy-saving technology

High-efficiency energy-saving technology is a long-term topic, and high-efficiency energy-saving means improving the production efficiency of electric motors. The motor is the part that consumes the most power in the whole electromechanical system, so it is more important to improve its working efficiency. First of all, starting from the volume of the motor, the efficiency of a small motor is much higher than that of a large motor, and then the original material of the motor is continuously updated to minimize the power consumption of the DC motor during operation.

Simulation Technology and Design Technology

The breakthrough of simulation technology and design technology is the product of comprehensive motor technology, which is the product of temperature, magnetic field, electric power and mechanical cross fusion. Complement and influence each other. For example, increasing or decreasing the temperature will affect the electromagnetic magnitude of the magnetic material and the position of the magnetic field, which in turn will affect the working efficiency and energy consumption of the motor, which in turn will directly affect the damage level of the internal parts of the motor, and the damage level The change of the temperature of the motor itself has a certain impact. Therefore, every stage in the contemporary motor cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is very important to have comprehensive simulation technology and design technology.

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Resilience to extreme natural environments

Modern motors are involved in many fields, while traditional DC motors have temperature limitations, which makes the motor lose power in a special environment. Therefore, as long as modern electric motors can develop in a wider range of industries, it is necessary to improve their adaptability in extreme environments.

In general, brushless, direct drive, miniaturization, acceleration, variable speed, electromechanical specialty and its intelligent system are the most important aspects of the future development direction and development trend of contemporary electric motors. Every point of them is constantly practiced and elaborated in daily production and life. Therefore, brushless, direct drive, mechatronics, and intelligence are one of the indispensable factors for the development of modern motors in the future. In the future development of modern engines, simulation technology, design technology, high-efficiency energy-saving technology, and adaptability to extreme environments should also receive attention, so that modern electronic technology can develop more benignly.

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