Count the advantages of the little motor

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A small motor is a type of geared motor. It requires technical content. It has production requirements. The utility model not only saves space, is reliable and durable, and can withstand overload, but also has the characteristics of low energy consumption, superior performance, low vibration, low noise, energy saving and the like. The gears used in the geared motor products are finely processed to improve the positioning accuracy, and the various motors that constitute the gear processing configuration of the geared motor assembly form a whole to improve the service quality of the product. The main features are as follows:

① Sealing: The output part is equipped with an oil seal and an O-ring to prevent the grease from returning to the gearbox and prevent the aging and damage of the oil seal insulation.

② Efficiency: It adopts the design of stamping silicon steel sheet mold, the iron core has high precision, strong magnetic conductivity, and the shape adopts a heat dissipation structure.

③ Applicability: The S-T (speed-torque) characteristics are optimized by small optimized design, and the geared motor is suitable for various working environments.

④ Customization: It can be customized according to the specifications of customers' special needs.

Micro gear motor is a closed transmission reduction device driven by a micro motor (also known as a micro gear motor). It is a combination of a reducer and a motor (or motor) to reduce speed and increase torque to meet the needs of mechanical equipment. This combination can also be called a gear reducer or a geared motor.

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