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A planetary gearhead is a progressive transmission device consisting of planetary gears, sun wheels, internal gears, etc. It is usually used to convert the high-speed rotation of the input shaft into a low-speed, high-torque output, and it can also be used to reduce the load on mechanical equipment. On the basis of the planetary gearbox, combined with the rotary drive of the motor, the planetary gear motor is formed. The electric motor provides power for the planetary gearhead, converts electric energy into mechanical energy, and outputs torque with inertia under the action of the gearhead to realize the power transmission of mechanical devices. With the acceleration of industrialization, the application scope and demand for planetary gear motors will continue to expand, becoming an indispensable part of modern industry.

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What is the working principle of a planetary gear motor?

A planetary geared motor is a highly efficient and compact electromechanical transmission device. Its working principle is to utilize a planetary gear unit to reduce the motor speed and transfer it to the output shaft.

Specifically, a planetary gear motor consists of a motor section and a reduction gear section. The motor portion generates rotational torque and transfers energy to the reducer portion. The reducer portion indirectly transmits the rotational torque from the input shaft to the output shaft through the planetary gear, thereby reducing the rotational speed and increasing the torque.

The key component of a planetary gear motor is the planetary gear, which works in a similar way to a planetary system. The planetary gear consists of a center gear and a number of concentrically distributed peripheral planetary gears. The input shaft is connected to the sun wheel and generates rotational torque. The output shaft is connected to the planetary gears and rotates around the sun wheel. When the input shaft rotates the sun wheel, the planetary gears rotate with it, but there is a ring of fixed teeth around the gears that causes the planetary gears to rotate in the opposite direction, thus achieving speed reduction.

Planetary gear motor performance test methods include:

1、Rated torque test: fix the output shaft of the motor and measure the output torque of the motor under the given voltage;

2、Rated speed test: measure the speed of the motor under the given voltage;

3、Motor efficiency test: calculate the motor efficiency by measuring the input power and output power of the motor;

4、Mechanical efficiency test: calculate the mechanical efficiency by measuring the torque and speed of the output shaft of the motor;

5、Noise test: Measure the noise of the motor when running under a given load;

6、Temperature rise test: measure the temperature rise of the motor when running under a given load.


1Check the motor regularly: it is best to check the cables and wiring, bearings, and gears of the planetary gear motor after each use.

2、When using motors in bulk, it is best to have technicians with good eyesight and good mental state, so that they can deal with possible failures of the motor in time.

3、Prevent corrosion problems: avoid long-term exposure of planetary gear motors to moisture and corrosive objects, such as ammonia and sulfuric acid.

4、Store indoors, away from moisture and dust. During storage, move the planetary gear motor every three months to keep its parts flexible.

5、Pay attention to maintenance records: in order to fully utilize the service life of the planetary gearmotor, it is necessary to establish a good maintenance record to record the use of the motor and the maintenance process.

What are the application areas of planetary geared motors?

1、Driving conveyor belts, agitators, and other mechanical equipment in industrial production lines.

2、Drive automation equipment such as vending machines, automatic teller machines, automatic lockers, and so on.

3、Driving of syringes, infusion pumps, and other equipment in medical devices.

4Driving intelligent equipment such as robots and drones.

5、Drivers for commercial equipment such as credit card machines, POS machines, barcode scanners, etc.

6Drivers for mixers, vacuum cleaners, etc. in household appliances.

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