Where is the N20 geared motor used?

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With the increasing development of science and technology, mankind has now entered the era of intelligent electrification, the era of science and technology can not be separated from the drive of the motor, and the micro-motor is a miniaturized, high-efficiency motors, with a small size, light weight, low noise, low energy consumption and other characteristics, can be applied to many products, for the performance of the product and the use of the effect adds a lot of advantages.

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Basically, it is used in every industry, and now this kind of micro motor has been applied in our life, such as household refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker, induction cooker and so on. They can control the operation of micro geared motors to achieve more precise temperature regulation, smarter washing programs, smoother stirring and mixing, etc. Parts such as limbs and joints of intelligent robots can be driven by micro geared motors to achieve more flexible and precise movements. In medical equipment, such as mask machines and mechanical surgical instruments, they help medical devices to perform better and achieve more efficient treatment results. In automation equipment such as conveyors, handling robots, rotating devices, etc., which enable the equipment to do its job more precisely and efficiently, the N20 is an important model in the micro geared motor series.

Due to its compact structure, versatile performance, small size and high torque, it is commonly used in smart electronic locks, robots, new energy vehicles, electric screwdrivers and 3D printing pens.

N20 has the advantages of high torque, low noise, long life and stable output. Its parameter performance and reduction ratio are also diversified and can be customized according to customer needs. In order to maintain a high yield rate, we inspect each motor 100% before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction.

N20 micro geared motor has a wide speed range. It can provide a wider speed range under different loads and working environments, making it more suitable for meeting the needs of different fields and applications.

It is manufactured by precision technology with high accuracy. After processing and installation, its deceleration mechanism can effectively reduce the difference between the output shaft speed and the motor speed to ensure the accuracy and stability of the output. It has good wear resistance. At the same time, it is also waterproof, dustproof, oilproof, shockproof, etc. It can work normally in various complicated working environments and has good reliability and stability.

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