The reason why the brushless DC gear motor has three built-in Halls

2022-03-01 14:56:27 admin

Before the brushless DC gear motor is used, it is usually set inside the device, and three halls are often set inside the motor. So what is the reason for the built-in three halls? The following are related reasons:

  1. The front electromagnet coil is seducing the permanent magnet, and the back electromagnet coil is pushing the permanent magnet, but we all know that if the magnetic pole of the coil does not change, the magnetic pole will stay at the position of the permanent magnet. Just like two magnets are attracted together, the poles of the coil are constantly changing as they rotate. Who changes the poles of the signal coil? It's a Hall sensor. The Hall sensor can sense the position of the rotor permanent magnet, and can report the position to the stator coil controller in time, and the controller can control the coil current flow inside the stator according to this information. In this way, the brushless DC gear motor turns up.

  2. Briefly, in order to rotate the brushless DC gear motor, there must always be a certain angle between the magnetic field of the stator coil and the magnetic field of the rotor magnet. The process of rotor rotation is also the process of changing the direction of the rotor magnetic field. In order to make the two magnetic fields have an angle, after a certain degree, the magnetic field direction of the stator coil must be changed. Three Hall sensors are a small number that can maintain the rotation of the brushless motor. The number of Hall sensors can be increased to increase the speed accuracy of the brushless motor. The more the number of sensors, the higher the speed accuracy of the brushless motor.

  3. In the brushless DC gear motor, the reason for setting three halls is mainly because the magnetic pole will change during the operation of the motor. The built-in three halls can sense the position with a greater probability and communicate with the controller in time. connect. Improve the efficiency of the motor.

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