The working principle of permanent magnet motor and its driving technology

2022-04-20 15:44:58 admin

Modern drive technology is mainly divided into two categories: one is electromagnetic and the other is non-electromagnetic.

The modern leading drive technology of electromagnetics is mainly composed of modern electromagnetic drives and modern control systems. Its drives include traditional improved electromagnetic drives and new developed electromagnetic drives. Among them are rotating, linear, maglev, electromagnetic launch and so on. In addition to improving the motor skills obtained on the basis of general general motor skills, there are more new motor skills further developed on the basis of general motor skills, such as linear motor skills, brushless DC motor skills, switched reluctance motor skills And a variety of new permanent magnet motor skills.

The PMDC motor Zhengke manufactured are widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation. In the medical field, the permanent magnet small motor is more useful, such as various medical instruments and surgical tools, such as the electric bone saw in brain surgery, especially in outdoor surgery, all kinds of instruments are basically used forever. Magnetic small motor. In terms of disabled products, such as manipulators, disabled cars, etc., permanent magnet small motors are used. The use of permanent magnet small motors is really numerous and can be said to be ubiquitous.

The linear motor has completely changed the traditional ball screw transmission method, such as large elastic deformation, slow response speed, backlash, easy wear and other congenital defects, and has the advantages of high speed, high acceleration, high positioning accuracy, and stroke length. Unrestricted and other advantages make it the leading direction in the field of high-speed feed system of CNC machine tools.

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