What is the reversible principle of DC motor?

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The application of DC motor is widely praised and is a kind of DC energy that can be converted into mechanical energy, or perhaps mechanical energy into DC energy equipment, in the work of the time, usually, it will use some function, the reversible work function is the function it needs, then the motor reversible work principle is what kind of it? Here we come together to understand it.

1. When the prime mover drives the armature winding to rotate between the main magnetic poles N and S, an electromotive force is induced on the armature winding, which is rectified to DC by the brush and commutator equipment, and then directed to the external load (or power grid), For external power supply, the motor works as a DC generator at this moment.

2. If an external DC power supply is used to lead the DC current to the armature winding through the brush commutator device, the current interacts with the magnetic field generated by the main magnetic pole N.S. to generate torque, which drives the rotor and the machinery connected to it. Load operation, at this moment the motor works as a DC motor.

3. In principle, the motor can work as both a motor and a generator. This principle is called the reversible principle in the motor theory.

In summary, we can understand that the reversible working principle of the DC motor manufacturer's motor is that the motor can work both as a motor and as a generator. Its reversible working function promotes the high-speed operation of the motor to a certain extent and then improves production efficiency.

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