What problems should be paid attention to in the selection of miniature geared motors?

2022-08-17 09:49:48 admin

The following issues need to be paid attention to when selecting the miniature gear motor:

1. The number 8 indicates the installation size of the motor and the reducer, which can only be installed if they are the same.

2. I represents the type of motor, I: ordinary motor, R: reversible motor, S: speed regulating motor.

3. D represents the brand, here refers to DKM.

4. The first G in the motor part indicates that it can be equipped with a helical gear reducer, and H in the reducer indicates the type of the reducer.

5.2 indicates the voltage type, here refers to single-phase 220V 60HZ.

6.25 means the motor power is 25W.

7. F means the motor with a common fan.

8. G means to assemble a common reduction box, which is the same as G in the reduction box part.

9. 36 indicates that the reduction ratio of the reduction box is 36.

10. M in MH indicates that the reduction box is a metal bearing, and H is a helical tooth type.

For example, in micro reduction motor 8IDG2-25FG (8GBK-36MH), the front part is the motor, and the parenthesis part is the reduction box. Therefore, when selecting a miniature gear motor, we must pay attention to the problems introduced above, so as to choose a suitable reducer.

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