Why does the micro gear motor vibrate?

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In the process of installation, operation, maintenance, and overhaul, the vibration of the micro gear motor is often encountered. Once vibration occurs, it will cause damage to the parts of the micro gear motor, damage to operation fluctuations, shorten the service life and even lead to shutdown problems. So why does it vibrate?

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There are two main reasons for the vibration of the micro gear motor:

1. Electrical reasons

(1) Electromagnetic force. The emergence of the electromagnetic force is mainly caused by the longitudinal oscillation of the magnetic flux under the pole piece, and the magnetic flux pulse is added, which is very prone to variable magnetic pull;

(2) Uneven air gap. During the installation and disassembly, the air gap is not equal, resulting in unilateral magnetic pull in the operation of the miniature reducer motor, and the vibration is not unexpected;

(3) The rotor coil is damaged. If the rotor coil is damaged, the radial force of the rotor will be unbalanced when the micro gear motor is running, resulting in vibration.

2. Mechanical reasons

(1) The armature is unbalanced. When the motor is rotating, due to the poor balance, centrifugal force occurs. Under the action of centrifugal force, the bearing generates a rotating force, which causes the micro gear motor to vibrate. When the machine base and end cover have poor rigidity, uneven air gap, and loose main pole fixing, the vibration will be more serious.

(2) The radial clearance of the bearing is too large. When assembling, the bearings used should be qualified. If the bearing, the bearing seat and the bearing journal are not properly matched, it will cause vibration during operation. In addition, the continuous wear of the bearing during long-term use will also lead to It has a lot of vibration and noise when it is running.

(3) The support is deformed. When the machine base, end cover and other accessories are produced, the error is too large, or even deformed, which causes the bearing of the micro gear motor to interfere and cause the motor to vibrate.

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