Gearbox Appearance Change Announcement

2019-07-30 12:26:34 admin

Dear our valued Customers,

We hereby notify you that our company had adjusted the coating color of motor from July

1st, 2019, this change was resulted by China National Environmental Protection Policy.

Since the chrome‐ plating or nickel‐plating are no longer legal‐ allowed in our region, our

company decided to cancel plating process of all appearance items, instead, the surface

would be done with sandblasting , this is an improvement ,without any compromise on antirust

of surface treatment, this will also shorten the leadtime, and comply with new RohS

standards (Effective from July,22, 2019) as well. This changing mainly relates to OD 25mm, 33mm, 37mm, 42mm Series Gearmotors.

You can check the below picture of the motor appearance for your reference:

Previous: (Surface color with plating)

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

After changing: (Surface color with sandblasting)

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

For future order, we will offer motor surface color with sandblasting to our client. 

We sincerely hope this change will make you more satisfied.

For any question, please contact with us.

Download Announcement:

DC Gearmotor | Planetary GearboxAppearance Color change Annoucement-ZHENGKE.pdf

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