What You Don't Know About Worm Gear and Worm Reducers

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A worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that utilizes a speed converter of gears to slow down the number of rotations of an electric motor (motor) to the desired number of rotations and obtain a high torque. Among the mechanisms used to transmit power and motion, the application range of reducers is quite wide. However, we should pay attention to some issues when purchasing.

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First, ensure the assembly quality. You can buy or make some special tools by yourself. When disassembling and assembling reducer parts, avoid using tools such as hammers; when replacing gears and worm gears, try to choose original parts; when assembling the output shaft, pay attention to the tolerance fit; use anti-adhesive or red oil to protect the hollow shaft, preventing abrasion, rust or scaling, which can be difficult to remove during maintenance.

Second, the choice of lubricant and additives. Gear reducers generally use gear oil, for heavy loads, frequent startup, and use of poor environmental conditions, you can choose some lubricant additives, so that the gear oil is still attached to the gear surface when the reducer stops running, to form a protective film, to prevent heavy loads, low-speed, high-torque startup and direct contact between the metal. The additives contain sealing ring adjusting agents and anti-leakage agents, which can keep the sealing ring soft and elastic and effectively reduce lubricant leakage.

Third, the choice of installation location of the reducer. If the location allows, try not to use vertical installation. When installed vertically, the amount of lubricant is much more than when installed horizontally, which is likely to cause heat and oil leakage of the reducer.

Fourth, the establishment of a lubrication and maintenance system. Following the lubrication "five" principle of maintenance of the reducer, so that each reducer has a person in charge of regular inspection, found that the temperature rise is obvious, more than 40 or oil temperature of more than 80 , the decline in oil quality or found in the oil of copper powder and produce strange noise and other phenomena, to immediately stop using, timely maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil should be replaced. When refueling, attention should be paid to the amount of oil to ensure that the reducer is properly lubricated.

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