Three main uses of brushless motors

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Brushless motors can replace brushed motors. After canceling the structure of carbon brushes and slip rings, they can continue to operate at low speeds and high power. They are also small in size, light in weight, low in noise, and have a much longer service life. Brushless motors are widely used, ranging from household appliances to aerospace. This article mainly explains the three main uses of brushless motors. The main uses of brushless motors can be divided into the following three types:

Continuous load applications:

The main requirement is a certain speed, but the speed accuracy is not high, such as fans, pumps, blowers, and other applications, such applications are low in cost, and most of them are open-loop control.

Variable load applications:

Mainly applications where the speed needs to change within a certain range and have high requirements for the speed characteristics and dynamic response time characteristics of the motor. For example, household appliances and compressors are good examples in the automotive industry in the fields of oil pump control, electronic controller, engine control, etc. The system cost of such applications is relatively high.

Positioning applications:

Most industrial control and automation applications fall into this category, in which energy transfer is usually done, so there are special requirements for the dynamic response of speed and torque, and higher requirements for the controller.

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