Structure and characteristics of stepper motor with gearbox

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Motors with gearboxes, also known as geared motors, are motors in which the rotational speed is reduced by a gear mechanism. By integrating with a gearbox, the speed can be reduced and higher torque can be achieved than with a separate motor. Gearboxes can also be connected to brushless DC motors, servo motors, and stepper motors for high output and high resolution. This article gives an overview of the structure and features of stepper motors with gearboxes.

Features of motors with gearboxes

A motor with a gearbox provides higher torque and can be driven even under large inertia loads, and also reduces motor jitter during starting and stopping, making drive control easier. Another advantage is that it is less susceptible to load torque, which not only improves positioning accuracy but also prevents motor failure.

On the other hand, the size of a motor with a gearbox increases with the installation of the gearbox, and it is necessary to ensure sufficient installation space when using it. Also the larger the reduction ratio of the motor with gearbox, the transmission efficiency is likely to decrease.

What types of gearboxes are there?

Typical gearboxes include helical gears, planetary gears, worm gears, and bevel gears.

Planetary gears are gear mechanisms consisting of spur gears and internal gears that allow for large reduction ratios in a relatively compact manner.

Worm gears are a gear mechanism that uses a worm gear (twisted and knurled gears) to rotate a worm wheel, where the worm shaft and wheel axis are orthogonal to each other, allowing the power to be varied in the vertical direction.

A bevel gear is a type of gear that uses a cone with teeth etched into the sides. Combining two bevel gears transmits rotation in the correct direction like a worm gear.

The performance of a motor with a gearbox is determined by the combination of motor and gearbox. Therefore, to select the right gear motor, it is necessary to know the type of motor and gearbox and their respective characteristics before use.

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