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    Model: Q8-42S

    Input Voltage: DC6-60V 

    Output Voltage: Linear output     

    Output Current: 0-30A                                     

    Max.Continuous Current:<20A              

    Type of Speed Controlling: Current Controlling

    Speed Adjustment Range :0——100%                              


    Suitable Motor type: For Brushed DC Motors              

    Dimension: 96mm*61mm*34mm    

    Item weight:100 Grams                   

    Mounting hole positions: 92mm*56mm                  

    Digital Speed displays : 0-100 %

Brushed DC Motor PWM Speed Controller-Q8-42S

Model: Q8-42S, Input Voltage: DC6-60V , Output Voltage: Linear output, Output Current: 0-30A, Max.Continuous Current: <20A, Type of Speed Controlling: Current Controlling, Speed Adjustment Range :0——100%, Dimension: 96mm*61mm*34mm , Item weight:100 Grams, Mounting hole positions: 92mm*56mm, Digital Speed displays : 0-100 %

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