Automatic Tracking Solar Power System

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DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

DC Gear motors can be used in outdoor solar panels to automatically adjust the panel's orientation based on the position and angle of the sun, maximizing energy efficiency. This intelligent solar system design utilizes the rotational capabilities of DC motors to optimize solar collection efficiency. By improving the effectiveness of solar energy systems, these applications become more practical and feasible.

ZHENGK as a leading manufacturer in China, provides several models for this application, such as

Planetary gear motor: 

ZGX38REE: ZHENGK | DC Planetary Gear Motor | ZGX38REE (

ZGX45RGG: ZHENGK | DC Planetary Gear Motor | ZGX45RGG (

DC Worm Gearbox Motor:

JSX634-31ZY, ZWL-31ZY : ZHENGK | DC Worm Gear Motor | JSX634-ZWL-31ZY (

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