FAQ about buying micro gear motors

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Q: Can we have your full pricelist ?

A: Since we have hundreds types and thousands specs, each spec costs different from another even they are the same type, so we are unable to quote without full information providing.

Q: Is it possible for us to be one of your distributor ?

A: We welcome your interesting on being our distributor&Agent, we would like to discuss it if the area we are talking about is still in vacant.

Q.How long do your motors and gearheads last?
A.This depends on each application. Factors such as operating environment, duty cycle, input power, and how the motor or gear motor is coupled to the load all directly affect product life. Mechanical design factors of the overall mechanism, such as running the motor into hard stops or back-driving the gearheads, affect product lifetime. Generally speaking, brush type motors can run for several thousands or hundreds of hours when run at nominal conditions. If long lifetime is one of your design criteria, you should consider using brushless motors. These motors are typically limited in their life only by ball bearing wear.

Q: How do I know whether to use a planetary or spur gearbox?
A: Planetary gearboxes are typically used when high torques are needed in a limited space. Spur gear systems are used where low current consumption, low noise, and high efficiencies are needed. The negative tradeoffs for using planetary gearboxes are higher current consumption, lower effiency, and higher audible noise.also the cost is much higher than spur gear motors.

DON NOT over-loaded or exceed allowable stall torque

While motor is constantly running,the motor gets warm up since Armature Windings and lamination generated and transformed energy.when motor load in the nominal range,armature windings can resist normal heat.when motor over loaded or exceed allowable Stall torque,which may cause insulation cap melting and cause short between windings,result in burning motor.

Pay attention when motor is required running at low rpm
Carbon-brushed DC motor are commonly applied for low speed applications.Commutator and Carbon friction and carbon powder will be accumulated in the commutator's slot while motor used certain period.Carbon powder may cause short and result in burning motor.

Solutions on Noise and Interference
In terms of DC motor,carbon and commutator friction produce sparkle,the later cause Electromagnetic interference and Noise.When your product has the requirement of the anti- electromagnetic interference,please inform us so we can provide best suppression elements solution,but most of our motors have been tested in lab of third party and passed the EMC of Europe standard.

Motor keep running a while though power off.that's the Inertia of DC Motor.If motor required a hard stop,please turn off power supply and change direction of rotation.Use hard stop,it may shorten motor's life time due to Current raise dramatically in short time, for a better solution, we can provide Electromagnetic brake for some types, like ZYTD-38S,45S,50S series.

DON NOT drive motor from output axis end
While installing any types of spare parts,DON NOT intend to drive motor from the output shaft end for adjusting installing position which will cause the gearhead become increase speed mechanism,and result in damaging internal gear mechanisam.

Motor installation
When mounting the motor onto the final product,please retain motor a horizontal direction.If retain it in other direction,which may cuase the lubricating oil outflow,rated load changed,etc.and resulting in affecting motor's performance.

Shaft customization
The output shaft can be customized variously according to customers'requirements.Great care should be taken when processing shaft,Motor performance may be affected by heavy radial loading,or external impact,or cutting metal powder.

Operating temperature range
Motor operating temperature range:-10'C+60'C. All of our technical datas are tested under ambient temperature between 20'C- 25'C.If motor operated out of above temperature range,lubricating oil can't work and which may cause motor can't work properly.

Operating Humidity range
Do Operate the motor in the humidity range of 20$~85% RH,In the moist environment, motor's metal parts is easy to get rusty, and it may get into malfunction.

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