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What is a Brushless Motor?

Brushless Motor (Hereinafter refered to as BLDC Motor), consist of motor main body and driver, is a typical Mechatronics product. Because the BLDC Motor is based on self-control operation,  it doesnt need additional starting winding which is added to the rotor of a synchronous motor that is started under heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, it will not oscillate and lose step when the load changes suddenly.The permanent magnets of brushless DC motors with medium and small capacities are now mostly made of rare earths(Nd-Fe-B) with high magnetic energy levels.Therefore, the volume of the rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor is one size smaller than the three-phase asynchronous motor of the same capacity.

What is a Brushed Motor ?

A brushed motor is a rotating electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (motor) or converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator) with a built-in brush device. Different from the brushless motor, the brush device is used to introduce or draw voltage and current. The brush motor is the basis of all motors. It has the characteristics of fast starting, timely braking, smooth speed regulation in a large range, and relatively simple control circuit.

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