Pros and cons of Powder Metallurgy Gear

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Powder Metallurgy Gears used to be considered a inferior and frail components, but as the developing of its technology, it can replace most traditional metal gears specially in small devices, such as applications in vehicle engine,etc.

Considering the popularity of Powder Metallurgy Gears, ZHENGK also provide Powder Metallurgy Gears as another option in gearboxes, as a supplement to our traditional hobbed metal Gears, to understand the Powder Metallurgy gears objectively,  we hereby explain Pros and Cons of it :


  1. Powder Metallurgy Gear comes with short leadtime, less procedures, it could shorten shipping time of Gearbox motors.

  2. With grease integrated inside it during its sintering and pressing, the gear has a better engaging with each other without grease on it.

  3. Since it's shaped by moulds, gears has a high consistency.


    1. Its teech isn't anti-bendable,  overload torque will break it instead of bending it.

    2. It can not be used in high torque fields, fortunately, ZHENGK are focusing on small transmission devices.

For Gear motors with Dimater 25mm, 37mm, 42mm, 60mm, ZHENGK will replace them with Powder Metallurgy Gears, they've been proved in the past year.

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