Different features about Lubricant greases

2023-03-14 13:49:15 admin

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox 

When you coming with a demand of a Gearbox motor, you have to consider the special hidden feature of this Gearhead you want.

If the application where the Gearbox motor is used require an abnormal temperature, like lower than 20 Centi-degree, or higher than 80 Centi-degree, In that case, the Lubricant grease will be liquified and steammed, so we have to change a proper lubricant greases that can anti-lower temp. or higher temp.

Fortunately, ZHENGK offers such solution.

In 2nd case, some users use the dc gear motor in applications like automatic tissue machine, that will require a hidden feature like Silence, low noise.

Then we have to use a grease that can reduce the noise made by gears friction.

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