Tips on how to using motor

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There are several attentions you have to pay on using a gear motor :

1. Power supply: Please Do use motors at Voltage and Current that we specify on the motor label, or else motors performance and lifetime can not be guaranteed.

2. Installation of Motor: Please do pay attention on the screws you use to install the motor, or gearbox, it should not to be too much long, in case of locking of rotator & Damages to the internal parts, the Ventilative holes of Motor (if there are) are not allowed to be blocked, in case of affecting heat-dispersion of Motor which causes a declined performance, or even burnt winding.

3.Transportation of Motors: Handle with care, any intense buping might cause a declined performance.

4.Wiring of motors: Red wires to + Pole, Black wires to - Pole, Motors will run oppositely if switching the wiring.

5.Overloaded torque: Any continuous stalling & continuous near-stalling is NOT ALLOWED.

6.Storage conditions of Motors:

Storage Temp.: -20~70 Centi-degree.

Storage Humi.: 15%~90%RH

Keep Motors out from environment of high-Humi. and corrosive gas.

Max Storage Time: <=12 Months, the motor's performance might be declined after 12 months storage.


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