How to choose Encoder for Gearmotor

2023-03-14 13:42:31 admin

ZHENGKE currently is available with 2 type encoders, which are as below:

  1. Optical encoders

This encoder is featured with high resolution, from 100 P/R to 1024P/R, suitable for ZYTD-38S, 45S, 50S, 60S, as well as their combination with Gearboxes, like ZGX38REE, and ZGX45RGG, ZGX50RHH etc.

High resolution means you have higher request on the precision control of motor, just as name implies, this encoder has a optical disc to feedback the signals.

  2. Magnetism Encoders

The Magnetism Encoder is designed for universal applications, featured with economy, stable performance, it has a magnetic disc, with it poles, the hall on circuitboard be able to count the paulse when it pass the hall.

Such encoder usually its resolution is no more than 25 P/R,  but with Gearbox ratio, it can be very precise as well, this type encoder is usually equip with ZHENGKE Gearbox Motor ZGA/B25RP, ZGA/B37RG, ZGA/B37RH, etc.

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Magnetism Encoder.pd

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