Is it better to use spur gears or helical gears for planetary gear motors?

2023-01-11 15:35:38 admin

The planetary gear motor devices currently provided are actually divided into straight-wheel and oblique-wheel planetary gear motor devices. Someone may ask: Which is better, a spur planetary geared motor or a helical planetary geared motor? Below, Zhengke Motor will take you to discuss the difference between the two around this topic.

From the perspective of structural characteristics of planetary geared motors, planetary geared motors are divided into two structures: straight wheels and oblique wheels. The planet carrier of the spur gear planetary gear motor can be used as a fulcrum for future operations, or as a double fulcrum. The planetary carrier of the helical gear planetary reduction motor is only in a double-fulcrum structure. The planetary carrier with a double fulcrum is better than the planetary carrier with a single fulcrum in terms of accuracy, noise, and efficiency. Furthermore, compared with the helical gear planetary gear motor, the accuracy of the helical gear planetary gear motor must be higher than that of the spur gear planetary gear motor.

In addition, the planetary gear motor is based on the basic concept of the rack and pinion applied to the transmission. The helical gear is more stable than the spur gear. Therefore, planetary gear motors with helical gears have major advantages over those with spur gears. However, if the electrical machinery and equipment do not require precision, and if the planetary gear motor has a good enough processing technology and has the required characteristics, then the use of a spur gear planetary gear motor is a good choice, because the helical gear planetary gear motor is The project budget needs a little more than the spur gear planetary gear motor.

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