What is the difference between a fixed-speed motor and a variable-speed motor?

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Motors are commonly found in everyday household appliances or in various mechanical devices in industrial production. They provide the power for the normal operation of mechanical equipment, so we also call them motors.

When we buy a household appliance, we don't ask the salesperson about the refrigerator or washing machine. What kind of motor is used in a hood. Because, we don't need to know that much, we only care whether the quality of the appliance we buy is stable, reliable, noisy, and reasonably priced. However, for the motors we use in industrial production, we need to pay special attention when selecting the type. At this time, we need to understand in detail the different characteristics, parameters, differences, etc. of various motors. Only by choosing the right model, our machines can run properly and efficiently and avoid production accidents.

We must understand the following aspects.

1. The structure of the fixed speed motor and the speed regulating motor is different.

2. The fixed-speed motor and the speed-regulated motor have different uses and usage scenarios and are suitable for occasions that require back-and-forth speed.

3. Whether to configure the speed governor: the speed regulating motor generally needs to be equipped with a speed governor, and the speed can be simply adjusted manually through the governor; when the fixed speed motor is running normally, it runs at a fixed speed. Of course, sometimes, the fixed-speed motor can also achieve the purpose of speed regulation by configuring the governor.

4. The ventilation methods of the two are different. Generally, there is a fan on the shaft of the fixed-speed motor for self-ventilation cooling, but the speed-regulating motor has another small motor that drives the fan for forced ventilation. This is because when the speed of the variable speed motor is relatively low, the fan on the shaft deteriorates greatly as the speed is reduced (the ventilation of the fan is proportional to the cube of the speed). Therefore, if constant torque speed regulation is required, the motor will burn out due to serious heat generation. With forced ventilation, the heat dissipation of the motor does not deteriorate.

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