Advantages of the modular design of the geared motor

2023-02-08 14:03:49 admin

Products of modular design generally form a series, modules are mass-produced, and multiple products are composed of modules with fewer varieties. High efficiency and high transmission mostly depend on the modular design of the gear reducer motor. In the reducer market, there is a complete range of reducers of various models and series. When purchasing, most customers will choose gears or Modular design, although the price is much higher than the general reducer, this series has significant advantages.

1. Correctly select the model and parameters of the gear reduction motor

2. Module design. How to divide the modules is the key issue in the modular design of the reducer. There are many types of modules, a high degree of generalization, and large processing batches, which are beneficial for reducing costs.

3. Combination of modules. When designing the structure of the reducer module, the design of the elements of the joint part should be considered. The combined reducer, reducer, and motor with braking function have been developed in China. It is the embryonic form of the modular combination of reducers in our country.

A modular design is a set of specific modules that form a variety of different functions or product designs with the same function and different performances within a certain range. The modular design of the gear reducer motor is to use less change and more change, which has far-reaching value for the company's product series, mass production, and cost reduction.


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