What are the applications of micro motors in automobiles?

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Micro DC motors are a type of small motors, usually referring to motors with a diameter between a few millimeters and tens of millimeters, small size, and high power. This kind of motor can not be realized without the support of microtechnology, and it can be widely used in automation equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, robotics, smart homes, and other fields. The advantage is that they can be better adapted to the needs of miniaturized devices. Taking portable devices such as cell phones as an example, can provide them with strong power support and help them fulfill various functions. In addition, their small size, light weight, and low energy consumption enable them to adapt to more stringent working conditions, while also reducing equipment costs and energy consumption. Their structure can be divided into four parts: rotor, stator, magnet, and circuit. The rotor usually consists of an iron core, shaft, bearing, guide plate, and winding; the stator consists of the iron core, coil, conductor, and so on. The magnet is an important part, which serves to form a magnetic field between the stator and rotor to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The circuit plays the role of controlling and transmitting electrical energy, mainly including power supply, switch, sensor, integrated circuit, etc.

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There are many micro motors in automobiles. With the popularity of electric vehicles and the improvement of various configurations, more micro motors are used in automobiles. Typically, a car is equipped with an automotive generator and multiple automotive micro motors (15-20 on average), while high-end luxury sedans require 60-70 micro motors, and high-end new energy vehicles require hundreds. An automotive air conditioning system can drive various valves in the automotive air conditioning system to control the direction and temperature of airflow to meet the driver's comfort needs. Compared with the traditional pneumatic drive method, there is no need to add complex piping and air circuits, which saves more space and energy. Car Seat Adjustment System can be used to drive car seat adjustment systems, such as seat height, backrest tilt angle, headrest height, etc. In these systems, it can provide more precise control and adjustment ability, bringing a more comfortable experience to the driver. The window lift system can provide power support for the window lift system, making window operation more convenient and easy. Compared with the traditional manual operation, it can make the window lifting and lowering smoother and faster, and also avoid the window shaking or jamming. Car mirror adjustment system also plays an important role in car mirror adjustment system. Driven by a motor, the driver can easily adjust the mirrors electronically to make them more customized to the driver's individual needs. Therefore, you can find out the number of micro motors in the car configuration and roughly determine the low and comfortable luxury level of the car configuration!

Engine part: mainly applied in the automobile starter motor, EFI control system, engine water tank radiator, generator, and these parts.

Automotive chassis frame: chassis frame micromotors are used in electronic suspension control systems, dynamic power steering, automotive stability control systems, cruise control systems, anti-lock lock control systems, and drive power control applications. Most use permanent magnet DC motors or permanent magnet stepper motors.

Body parts: such as central door locking device, power mirrors, automatic lifting antenna, power sunroof, automatic headlights, HUD, air-conditioning door control, automatic window lifter, window anti-pinch device, power wipers, power tailgate, power seats, and other auto parts.

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