How to increase the speed of the micro motor?

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Miniature DC motors are widely used in various electronic and electrical products to realize vibration, expansion, and other functions through continuous rotation. During the driving process of DC motors, many products need to adjust and change the rotational speed to improve the use effect.

The following is a brief introduction to the method of changing the speed of micro DC motors.

1. Adjusting resistance

Adjusting resistance can directly change the size of the current, so adjusting resistance can directly change the speed of the motor. However, it can only have limited speed regulation and low efficiency. If you don't know the characteristics of the motor, you will burn the motor directly due to excessive current.

2. Adjust the armature voltage

Voltage has a great influence on the operation of micro motors, and the speed of micro motors can be changed by adjusting the voltage.

3. Change the electromagnetic strength

The operation of the miniature motor is generated by the mutual movement of the electromagnetic body and the rotating shaft. When the magnetic field strength is changed, the rotational speed will be changed, so the rotational speed can be changed by changing the electromagnetic strength. This method can only weaken the magnetic flux of the miniature motor, so that the rated speed of the motor is shifted upward, which belongs to the constant power speed regulation, and the dynamic response is slow. Although the speed can be regulated smoothly, the speed range is small.

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