How To Stabilize The Voltage Of DC Gear Motor?

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DC geared motor is a kind of electric power driving equipment, and whether its voltage is stable or not will affect its operation and use, so how should the voltage of DC geared motor be stabilised? The following methods are for your reference.

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1. Use a voltage regulator, in the case of grid voltage change, you can use a voltage regulator to keep the voltage of the motor stable, you can use a linear regulator or switching regulator in the regulator, depending on the application scenario and specifications.

2. Use filter circuit, in order to keep the motor voltage stable, you can add a filter circuit composed of capacitors, inductors and other components at the output side of the power supply, which can filter out the stray waves and harmonics in the power supply, so as to keep the motor voltage stable.

3. Adjust the motor load. The lower the motor voltage drops, the higher the motor load. Therefore, the motor voltage can be stabilised by varying the motor load.

4. Stabilise the motor speed and voltage by using PWM regulation technique.PWM regulation technique can regulate the output voltage by managing the percentage of on-time of the switching tubes.

5. Use the reverse potential regulation technique. This technique regulates motor speed and voltage by monitoring the magnitude of the motor's reverse electromotive force and adjusting the current level in the motor windings accordingly.

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