What is the maintenance of DC motor rotor?

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DC motor rotor through the current and stator magnetic field interaction to complete the conversion of electrical energy into rotating mechanical energy. The rotor is one of the important parts of the DC motor, and its maintenance is crucial. So what is the maintenance work of DC motor rotor?

1、 Armature core inspection

(1) The iron core should be kept clean and free of debris, oil, and brush dust.

(2) The iron core should be kept fixed and should not be slipped or deformed.

(3) The ventilation slots should be cleaned and leveled regularly.

2、Check the armature coil

(1) Whether the groove wedge is tight.

(2) The surface of the coil should be free from burns, abrasion, fracture, and other defects and damage.

(3) Measure the insulation resistance of the armature coil to the core with a 1KV rocking meter, which should be at least 0.5 megohm.

3、Check the armature binding line

(1) The binding wire should be neat and free from looseness.

(2) Welding will not appear melting open welding phenomenon.

(3) The insulating pads used to bind the wires should be intact.

4、Check the fan

(1) The fan should be neat, and free of oil and dust.

(2) The rivets should be firm and the blades should not be broken or deformed. Tap the blades with a small hammer and listen to the resulting sound to assess whether the fan is visibly damaged.

(3) The balance block should be stable and not move.

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