What should you pay attention to when starting a DC motor?

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In order to ensure the safe operation of the motor, certain operating procedures must be followed when using a DC motor.

This article will discuss some safety considerations when starting a DC motor.

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1. Check the wiring (including the wiring and connection of the power supply, controller, measuring instrument, etc.), as well as the spring force and contact quality of the starter.

2. When using a constant voltage power supply, the starter must be turned on. Turn off the power switch and rotate the starter with the motor loaded, holding each contact for approximately two seconds until the solenoid sucks the rotating arm into its final position.

3. If the motor is powered by a separate adjustable power supply, the excitation winding should be connected first to reduce the power supply voltage to a minimum. Next, close the armature circuit contactor and gradually increase the voltage until the motor is running at the rated speed or voltage.

4. First, after connecting the motor to the shaft of the production machine, apply less than 10% of the rated armature voltage, and check whether the speed directions of the motor and the production machine are the same. If they are the same, the wiring is correct.

5. After connecting the speed generator to start the motor, check the output characteristics of the speed generator, and its polarity should be the same as that on the control board.

6. After the motor starts, check whether the degree of sparks exceeds the standard and whether there are sparks on the commutator.

The above are some precautions when starting the DC motor.

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