Analyze why hybrid stepper motors cannot generate high torque at high speed

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Hybrid stepper motors use a hybrid transmission or hybrid stepper system to increase the power and torque of the motor. This hybrid system allows the motor to act like a traditional or linear stepper motor, which only moves in one direction but also allows it to act like a DC motor, which moves in two directions. This article will analyze why hybrid stepper motors cannot produce high torque at high speed.

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This hybrid system enables hybrid stepper motors with higher resolution or step size, which increases the performance and efficiency of the motor, making stepper motors more powerful than traditional or linear stepper motors, but with lower energy consumption. In hybrid stepper motors, another factor limiting high-speed torque is the rate of rise of current in the windings (dI/dt), which is directly proportional to the applied voltage (V) and inversely proportional to the motor's inductance (L). When the speed of the stepper motor increases, the torque will decrease, so the stepper motor cannot produce a lot of torque at high speed, if the speed decreases, the torque will increase. The most important characteristics of stepper motor performance are precise positioning, good stall torque, and good low-speed torque, but some applications require high torque at high speed, and the design/control specification requires the use of stepper motors. Hybrid stepper motors are known for their ability to produce high torque at high speeds, but they can still be used in certain applications.

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