What are the applications of micro DC motors in vending machines?

2024-06-25 11:24:57 admin

Miniature DC motors can be used in a variety of vending machine applications, including aisle transfer, candy and snack dispensing, and door opening and closing.

1. Aisle Transfer: Vending machines typically have multiple aisles, each containing one item. Moving items from the inventory area to the vending area requires transportation between aisles. Micro DC motors can drive conveyor belts or rollers for smooth transfer of goods.

2. Candy and Snacks Dispensing: Candy and snacks need to be dispensed in the correct location within the vending machine so that customers can easily purchase them. Micro DC motors can be used to control the movement of the dispensing device to ensure the correct number and position of items in each aisle.

3. Opening and closing the door: The vending machine door needs to be opened before purchasing items so that the customer can take out the required items. Micro DC motors can be used to control the opening and closing action of the door to ensure smooth and accurate door movement.

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