What are the factors that affect motor life?

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There are many reasons that affect the life of the motor, the following gives you a few common factors.

1. The impact of load current fluctuations

If the motor circuit is frequently switched on and off, the load current will fluctuate frequently, which leads to sharp changes in the current in a short period of time, in the motor windings and current-carrying conductors to produce significant additional force, the force is related to the square of the current, and through the current-carrying conductor insulation on the fixed parts. The windings can be damaged and the life of the motor shortened.

2. Effects of steering changes, fluctuations, and reversal processes

As a result of these processes, the insulated wires used in the moving parts will be subjected to increased mechanical forces and the mechanical joints such as laminating sets and declarer shafts will also be subjected to increased loads. As a result, these mechanical joints and moving parts will wear out and lose their function.

3. Effects of Thermal Overload

Thermal overloads can damage insulation materials, which have a maximum allowable temperature. When the operating temperature of the motor exceeds the permissible limit temperature of the insulating material, the insulating material will be damaged, resulting in a shorter service life of the motor.

4. The impact of temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations are temperature changes between the hot and cold states of the motor. It will lead to different degrees of expansion of wires, insulation and cladding parts, which will shorten the service life of the motor and easily lead to paint removal and loosening. Temperature fluctuations can be especially pronounced if the motor is subjected to alternating loads.

These are the factors affecting the life of the motor and need to be paid attention to during use.

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