The reason why the sample cost of the miniature gear motor is many times higher than the bulk price

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Industrial manufacturing companies are not easy to cooperate with a customer, need to have a request for quotation - quotation - send samples - small batch - large goods and other processes, verification cycle is long. Of course, this also has an advantage, that is, if it becomes a cooperative customer, as long as there is no problem with the quality and price advantage will be able to long-term cooperation.

In these links, the miniature gear motor sample period is very critical. If the customer gives you a sample, the first is to recognize the price of the product, there is a certain advantage in the price, the enterprise must grasp, customer-centric service to ensure the quality and delivery of samples.

First of all, the price is the basis of survival, without the right price we can not fight for orders and maintain a mutually beneficial supply relationship.

The reason why the sample cost of the miniature gear motor is many times higher than the bulk price:

1. Sample proofing needs to be considered consistent with mass production processing, which will result in the cost of tooling and precision fixtures.

2. The management process is different. The batch parts require the first part and other processes, so that there is a lot of wear and tear, and the cost will rise. At the beginning, the quotation engineers were all the same person, and customers complained that our quotation was very problematic.

3. Differences in processing technicians. The level of technicians required for sample parts must be very high, and each process needs to be operated by employees above the level of technicians to ensure product quality, otherwise it will definitely lose money if you scrap a few pieces. And batch parts mainly rely on tooling fixtures to ensure product quality, as long as the mechanic adjusts the machine, ordinary employees can operate it. Therefore, if the operators are all skilled workers, there is no need for the cost to come down.

4. The difference in quality management is even greater. The quality management and process quality management before mass production needs to be carefully implemented and refined according to the ISO process.

The sample quality management needs to be flexible. It is unacceptable to copy the ISO set of cost and time, so it is sufficient to require full-scale inspection when shipping. At the beginning of making small batches, for measures such as making the first piece, sampling inspection, CPK and retaining samples, the work of the on-site personnel is cumbersome, which will also increase the operating cost.

We are also slowly guiding and optimizing and improving the micro DC motor sample manufacturing process and service level, and establishing a relatively complete quality management process to meet different customer requirements.

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