Miniature geared motor manufacturers should pay attention to cost accounting to make product prices more competitive

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High quality, fast delivery and price are important indicators for customers to purchase miniature DC geared motors. As a seller, there is no clear estimation standard for product cost accounting, especially for multi-variety and small-batch micro-motors, which will easily lead to unreasonable prices for enterprises. The reasonable price of each process, such as stamping, casting, insulation treatment, heat treatment, plastic pressing, etc., is beneficial to both the customer and us. If the quotation is too high, we cannot accept the order. If the price is too low, the miniature geared motor manufacturer will be in a state of loss.

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1. The impact of materials on product prices. A foreign client's case the other day required material silicon steel sheet, I remember this material can be sourced without problems, but when I received the order and arranged the material, it was not available, so in the end we imported the material from abroad and re-quoted , but the price is much more expensive, which must be included in the cost.

2. The processing procedure of miniature geared motor production is also a high cost part. Proper processing method selection and processing will not result in excessive quality, nor will it fail to meet quality requirements for insufficient processing. For the requirements of different customers, it is necessary to strictly abide by the drawing requirements. In the stage of content that cannot be met, it is necessary to communicate with customers in advance.

3. Electroplating surface treatment is also an important part of the cost. Special surface treatments such as special electroplating and nano-coating are higher than usual and affect the price.

4. There are both volume calculation and actual important calculation methods of packaging, but if which one is heavier, it will be used. We are miniature geared motors and the actual weight is always heavier. Be especially careful when you need a long, thin, thin, large size wooden box, whether they are the right size, then calculate the cost and report it to the customer.

Price competitiveness is also an important factor for enterprises to obtain customers. Miniature geared motor manufacturers should pay attention to cost accounting, master the skills and methods, so as to provide customers with more cost-effective products and services.

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