How to maintain the internal parts of the reduction motor?

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Routine maintenance is critical to extending the life of your gearmotor and the safe operation of your machine. Today, we will see how to maintain the gear motor.

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

1. When the oil drain screw plug in the miniature geared motor is changed, after discharging the contaminated oil and cleaning agent, the bottom seat of the box should be opened, and there is an oil drain hole in the low part of the oil pool, usually the oil drain hole is blocked with a screw plug, and the bonding surface between the oil drain screw plug and the box should be gasket to prevent leakage, and it needs to be frequently turned on and checked.

2. When the micro gear motor is running, the temperature inside the box rises, the gas expands and the pressure rises. To make the thermal expansion of the air inside the box can be freely discharged to maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the box, so that the lubricating oil will not leak along the surface of the sub-case or the axial extension seals and other gaps, usually in the case of the installation of the ventilator.

3. The bearing cover of the miniature motor is used to fix the axial position and axial load of the shaft system components, and the two ends of the bearing housing hole and the bearing cover need to be closed.

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

4. Every time the cover is disassembled, to maintain the manufacturing accuracy of the bearing housing hole, the cover and housing coupling flange should be fixed with locating pins before finishing the bearing housing hole.

5. Use the oil level indicator to check the oil level in the oil pool of the gearhead to ensure that the oil level is maintained at the appropriate level.

The above are several methods of daily maintenance of the internal parts of the Gearmotor shared with you today, I hope it will help you, for more information, please feel free to consult us!

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