Why do all N20 motors use brushed motors?

2024-06-24 13:40:42 admin

N20 Gearmotors are commonly used in small mechanical devices such as model cars, robots, and toys. While brushless motors are advantageous in many applications, traditional brushed motors such as the N20 gearmotor are more advantageous in such small applications.

Cost: Brushed motors typically cost less than brushless motors, which is important for small devices with limited budgets.

Capacity and size: Brushed motors typically have a higher power density, which means they can provide more power output in a smaller package.

Simple control: Brushed motors typically have simpler control circuits than brushless motors, making them easier to integrate into smaller devices without the need for complex electronic control systems.

Suitability: Brushed motors may have characteristics that make them more suitable for certain applications, such as when high torque and low-speed operation are required, where brushed motors may be more reliable.

Therefore, despite the many advantages of brushless motors, the N20 gearmotor is still a suitable option for brushed motors in small mechanical equipment.

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