Basic Understanding of Electric Micro Motors

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Micro motors are motors with a diameter of less than 160 millimeters or a power of less than 750 watts. There are many types of micro motors, which can be roughly categorized into 13 types of motors: DC motors, AC motors, auto-turning motors, stepping motors, solvers, angle encoder shafts, AC motors and DC motors, tacho generators, induction synchronizers, linear motors. Micromotor fusion of motors, microelectronics, power electronics, computers, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials, and other disciplines of high-tech industries, especially the application of electronic technology and new materials technology to promote the technological development of micromotor.

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

There are many kinds of micromotors on the market with different specifications and a wide range of applications, involving the national economy, national defense equipment, and all aspects of human life. Micromotors can be seen on all occasions that require an electric power drive.

DC Gearmotor | Planetary Gearbox

The micro-motor manufacturing process is more, involving precision machinery, fine chemicals, micro-processing, magnetic material processing, winding manufacturing, insulation processing, and other manufacturing technologies. A large number of processing equipment is needed and high precision is required.

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