How to Reduce DC Motor Wear

2024-06-24 14:37:50 admin

To ensure the service life and efficiency of DC motors, we must pay attention to the phenomenon of equipment wear when using them. To ensure the safety factor, so that the equipment has the maximum effect, you to organize the following ways to reduce the wear and tear of the DC motor.

1. Failure after long-term use, increased vibration during use. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the components in the DC motor chassis are too worn or damaged.

2. Possible damaged components: gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth fracture, gear shaft hole or keyway wear; bearing hole at the screw hole is easy to fail due to wear; shaft surface and keyway are also easy to use for too long and cause wear.

3. Not all maintenance offices have the technical strength to repair by this method, but if it is a large-scale equipment, you can find a repair point to repair parts, which will greatly save the enterprise's comprehensive costs.

(1) If it is caused by the DC motor shaft hole keyway shaft surface wear, etc., the original accuracy of the part can be restored by plating.

(2) If the DC motor gear teeth are broken, etc., just re-machine the new parts.

Finally, we remind you, in the repair of DC motor wear, do not copy the theoretical things, must be combined with the actual situation, one by one to analyze the exclusion, until you find the real cause of the failure.

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