Why does a planetary gearbox leak oil?

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The gearbox of a planetary gear motor is a common and important accessory in all kinds of mechanical equipment, which can slow down the high speed and low torque power output from the motor and realize higher torque and lower speed, to improve the working efficiency and stability of mechanical equipment. Adopting the planetary transmission principle, it is widely used because of its compact structure, strong bearing capacity, low noise, and long life. Planetary gear motors can be found in the fields of machinery production, engineering machinery, elevators, automatic production lines, and so on. It can also be used with other motors to achieve a more ideal gear effect.

However, in case of prolonged use, the gearbox will leak oil. The reason for this is the elevated pressure in the oil tank. In a closed gearbox, each pair of gears meshes with each other to generate heat by friction, and according to Right's Law, with the prolongation of the running time, the temperature of the gearbox case gradually rises, while the volume of the gearbox case remains unchanged, so the pressure of the case increases, and the lubricating oil in the case, through splashing, is sprinkled on the inner wall of the gearbox case.

Since oil is highly permeable, under the pressure of the box, if there is a place with poor sealing, oil will seep out from there. The unreasonable design of the reducer structure causes oil leakage, such as the design of the reducer without a ventilated cover, the reducer can not realize equal pressure, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box, and oil leakage occurs. Excessive refueling, reducer in the operation process, the oil tank stirred a lot, the lubricant splashed everywhere in the machine, if the refueling amount is too much, so that a large amount of lubricant accumulates in the shaft seal, combining surface, etc., resulting in oil leakage. In the maintenance of the equipment, due to the combination of surface dirt removal is not complete, sealant selection is not appropriate, the direction is not right, not replacing the seal in time, and will also cause oil leakage. There are many internal seals, including oil seals, O-rings, etc. These seals play an important role in preventing oil leakage. However, due to long time use and the influence of the external environment, the seals will be aging, and if not replaced regularly, it will lead to oil leakage problems.

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