• D28mm DC Brushed Gear Motor-ZGA28RP

    D28mm DC Brushed Gear Motor-ZGA28RP

    Model: ZGA28RP Gearbox OD: 28mm Gearbox type: Metal Spur Gearbox Motor type: RF370 Brushed Motor Voltage: 6V~24V Output power: 0.5~2W, can be used in applications like Pharmacy pump, bicycle lock

  • 25mm Diameter Gearmotor-ZGB25RP-Eccentric Shaft

    25mm Diameter Gearmotor-ZGB25RP-Eccentric Shaft

    Motor Diameter: 25mm Gearbox type:Spur Gearbox Motor type: 370RF Brushed motor Voltage: 6V~24V Output Power: 0.5~2W Features: Economy, Impact Applications: money counter, doorlock, etc.

  • 32mm Diameter Gear motor-ZGA32RK

    32mm Diameter Gear motor-ZGA32RK

    Model: ZGA32RK Gearbox Diameter: 32mm Gearbox type: Spur Metal Gearbox Motor type: 32ZY25 Brushed DC Motor Voltage: 6V~24V Centric shaft Output Power: 0.4~0.6W Manufacturer: ZHENGK

  • 15mm Diameter Gearmotor-GA13-050

    15mm Diameter Gearmotor-GA13-050

    Model: GA13-050 Voltage: 3.0V~12VDC Motor type: FF050 Brushed DC Motor Gearbox type: Spur metal Gearbox Shaft length options: 4.4mm/10mm

  • 14mm Diameter Gear Motor-14GA-N20

    14mm Diameter Gear Motor-14GA-N20

    Model: 14GA-N20 Voltage: 3.0V~12VDC Motor type: N20 Brushed DC Motor Gearbox Diameter: 14mm Gearbox type: Spur metal Gearbox Shaft length options: 4.4mm/10mm Applications like Smartlock, etc.

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